a selection of photography, collage, and drawings…

Sinking City: Miami, 2015-2017

Miami is sinking, and we keep building. Collage buildings sourced from luxury condo advertisements and renderings of not yet built buildings.

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Travel Books, New York and New Jersey, 2015

a set of hand-made artist books reflecting on a hyper-saturated, neon-infused future of travel and leisure.

Walk All Over You, 2014-2015

a series of collages using fashion magazines, felt tip markers and highlighters, and metallic film on paper

TV Heads, 2014

series of photographic prints from interactive photo shoot at Beachside Montessori Village

Once Upon a Time, 2011-2013

series of photographs based on tales from children’s literature and popular culture

The Big Bounce, 2012

a photograph triptych of a bunch of balls bouncing and leaping in unison TheBigBounce,2012-1200

The Brown Bag Bust, 2009

a photograph triptych of an unfortunate capacity failure

The Balloon Pop, 2007

a photograph triptych of a sudden and massive explosive incident The Balloon Pop

The Luggage Toss, 2006

a photograph diptych of personal luggage flipping open through the air


I heart pop, 2006

a photography series of a woman and her TV

Sketchies, 2004? 2005? 2006?

a series of late night and early morning portraits

Intaglio prints, 2004/2005